Monday, December 12, 2005

The exhaustion of defeat

Over the weekend I had the most tremendous pity-party, if you have read this far you can just imagine why so I won’t waste time writing the details. In the middle of it I had a thought which turned around the whole course of my thoughts, it is something Beth Moore said in her “Believing God” series – “It’s exhausting to live in defeat!” Oh, she is so right! Perhaps one source of my inability to keep my house is that I am living in defeat! I’ve given into the lie that I just can’t keep house! If I believe that I have already failed then why put forth the effort to try?
Well, since then the Lord has been working hard in my heart, scrubbing me clean from these feelings of failure and today I am working hard to get my house in order. It feels so wonderful to be back on track!

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