Monday, February 13, 2006

I was thinking this afternoon about what I have learned so far, in this journey towards becoming a better home-making and two things came to mind.
First, that it is a matter of emotional health. I find that when I am depressed or moody or having a bad day that it is tough to get that housework done. Just realizing the cause has helped me a lot, and also has helped me to realize the signs of sliding into a depression, and to get myself out of it. I have a greater sympathy for those who aren’t able to keep their homes clean, realizing that this is a sign of heart-issues and that what they need more than a list of to-do’s or a book on organization, is some heart-healing.
Secondly, that home-making is a matter of submission to God’s call on my life. Praying over my tasks and seeing them as opportunities to submit to God’s plan for my life has helped. Also realizing the lie: “I’m just not a home-maker” and “I’m not cut out for this kind of work” and “I wasn’t raised to be a home-maker.” These are lies that I need to reject and replace with the truth that I am made for this work and this work is made for me. If this is something that God has allowed/put into my life then I can walk in it in the confidence that God never calls me to something I actually can not do.

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Danielle said...

"God never calls me to something I actually can not do." True. That is always a comfort to me! Beautiful picture, did you take it? Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!