Monday, September 18, 2006

Fall cleaning

There are those seasons in our lives when we allow ourselves to get really out of balance. I love the explanation of balance given in "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" - she said that "balance" in our lives are keeping the rythem of a teeter-totter between activity and rest, not like balancing a spoon on a glass and trying to keep it there. Anyway, life has been out of balance and the first thing to go is nearly always the house. I've got so much to do! I got really down a couple of weeks ago and I packed up all of the flowers in my home and nearly all of the pictures on the wall. I keep meaning to mop but it's in desperate need of attention, and with three girls four and under you can probably just imagine what that means! But really every room needs a good going over. Then I read a recent post by Jamie about how she's cleaning out and that really inspired me to begin cleaning my own home. By necessity I have to start with my kitchen but after that I'll follow the housekeeping room: back (of the house) to front, bottom to top and work my way through the house.
Like Jamie said, I too wish I could do a "spring cleaning" in my soul as (relatively) easily as I can clean my home. I know that this feeling that things are off-kilter is from something inside. I know the solution isn't to focus on the behaviors. I just wish I could diagnose what it is that's wrong inside.

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