Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some new inspiration

This morning I almost deleted this blog. I mean, really how often to I write here? And I am such a lame homemaker. Love bein' with my kids, but I tend to let the rest slide... However today was one of those "day of doom" sort of days. I had completely run out of tupperware because it was all in my fridge holding moldy tuna salad and month old frosting etc. etc. So I finally cleaned out my fridge and put the fresh fruit and vegetables up where I can see them, instead of hidden away under the bag of frost-bitten lettuce in the vegetable drawer. So I'm at my sink and I have some time to think - yay! And I decided it was time for another post here.

I finally got up the courage to venture into the adult section of the Library. I put Katie-Abigail in my sling and we wandered through isle after isle of this and that until I found the home decorating section. There I found this book of fresh inspiration called "The Shabby Chic Home" by Rachel Ashwell. The photos in this book are AMAZING!! Although I really don't follow a shabby chic style in my home, still the book was so inspiring. She writes:

"Every cupboard should hold things of beauty or function. I allow for one junk drawer or cupboard in my house. Otherwisde, whenever I open a cupboard it should be like Christmas, beautiful, sumptious. It doesn't need to be organized perfectly... When I open them, I look at their contents with pleasure, not despair or guilt... Even opening the dishwasher should be a joyful experience. All plates, cups and saucers should be pieces you love to see, Mismatched is all right, ugly is not." Her decorating maxim is: "beauty, function, comfort"

This really resonates with my desire to make our home really beautiful not just livable. I realized today that having my kitchen stacked high with dirty dishes really eliminates the beauty of the room - what little there is!

During this season of moving there is in my heart an attitude of renewed vision, of hope for a brighter future. I am so excited by the prospect of finally owning our own home!! To be given the authority to paint every room if I want too, to have a long-term view of our home. And I am glad for this fresh inspiration to aim for beauty.

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