Monday, March 05, 2007


When I was growing up in my parent's home one of our staples was home-made pizza. We did the ocassional Red Baron boxed & frozen stuff (yuck!) and sometimes Mom would buy a Boboli crust but the norm was for Mom to start in the early afternoon and be busy until dinner time making the dough from scratch, mixing the pizza souce from various canned products and her spice cupboard... then we would sit down in the living room with TV trays and watch a show taped from TV earlier in the week (usually Doctor Who or Star Treck) ocassionally we'd rent a movie or borrow one from the neighbors.
So when I married Daniel I tried once or twice to make home made pizza. But he was willing to pay the bill and actually prefered the taste of Papa Johns so I abandoned the idea for a couple years. This year however I've been trying to make a quick, yummy homemade pizza. I've used Boboli (Daniel made me promise to NEVER do that again) crescent rolls, bread-dough, garlic stick dough etc. etc. It's only ever come out just OK. But today I finally had sucess!
I used my new breadmaker and mixed up a 2 lb. loaf of sandwich bread dough. Then I left to run some errands so I wasn't home to get it out of the breadmaker right when it finished. It was SO sticky and streatchy. But I streatched it onto a cookie sheet, put a few topping on it and went outside to enjoy the fresh air with the girls.
When I served it for dinner tonight Daniel said "Well, we're never getting Papa John's again" I was stunned! YAY!!!! It feel SO awesome to have a culinary sucess now and then. I only wish I'd taken a photo. Anyway, it was SO easy!! So now, I can have a pizza night too!! :-)

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