Monday, August 13, 2007

Thoughts about food

I've been reading a book which I checked out from the Library called "Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian" and it's made me think...
As Americans we tend to get it all wrong about food! We will eat an amazing variety of grossness because it's quick or low-fat or low-carb. Breakfast is something we eat on our way out the door, lunch is something we eat standing up in the kitchen or a sandwich we eat in the car. Dinner is something thrown together because we're starving and we snack on whatever we can rip open and consume in 30 seconds. There is something just plain wrong about that.
It's amazing to see these round, Italian, wrinkly women with grey hair and worn hands, forming pasta and risotto. I read one recipe that called for letting a soup-ish type dish simmer for four hours!!!! I can not imagine making anything that takes longer than 30-40 minutes of prep-time.
I've been inspired. Totally and completely.

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