Tuesday, January 03, 2006

God is so faithful!

I just have to write and say how faithful God has been to me today! I started this day in such a funk but the Holy Spirit ministered to me and guided me through the day in a wonderful way today! We went to the Library and I just let the girls play, it was much less stressfull than trying to find books for them. While I was there I wrote out my new years resolutions (finally!) we trooped home and ate our lunch and for the second day in a row Emma took her nap (praise the Lord, Hallelujah!!) so I washed the dishes. There was more on my daytimer "to do" list than just that, but I asked the Lord to guide me and I am content because I also read to my girls, fed the baby solid food for the very first time (I took pictures and wrote about it in her baby book too!!) and read on the front porch while the girls enjoyed this pre-spring weather. Thank you Father!!!

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